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Interested in Joining ?

The Allenton Fire Department is accepting applications from people interested in providing fire and EMS services to the community. The requirements are as follows;


  • Applicants must live in or work in the areas covered by our department, this includes portions of the Towns of Addison, Herman, West Bend and Wayne.

  • Applicants not meeting the above guidelines but holding EMS qualifications are considered if the applicant agrees to be in the response area and on schedule for a specified number of hours each month.

  • Members can apply for combination firefighting/EMS positions or EMS only. All members are required to achieve some form of EMS certification withing three years of joining the department.

  • Per State regulations members must pass a background investigation check by the WI Dept. of Justice.

  • Applicants must be (18) years of age but those under eighteen are encouraged to contact us about joining as an Explorer.


If interested or if you want additional information please complete the form on the Contact Page of this website.

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